Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Under One Roof

Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Under One Roof

Here is another blog can we ad this In the past I have written a blog in regards to the question: “Can chiropractors and physical therapists work together?”

The answer to this question is, YES!

This past year, not only did our chiropractic clinic expand to offer not only chiropractic, acupuncture, and the fitness center that is open to members 24/7, but we also added physical therapy, too! Our clinic is now operating under the title, “Redenius Chiropractic & Physical Therapy,” and it is growing much faster than I imagined.

Adding physical therapy has been a huge benefit to our clinic’s bottom line, and more importantly, to our patients overall outcome of improvements. Offering everything under one roof is the best scenario for patient outcomes. The patient no longer has to question. “Is this a chiropractic issue or a physical therapy issue?” Now, both doctors can work together to treat the patient. No longer does the chiropractic clinic need to fix everything with ONLY chiropractic adjustments. Instead, we can use adjustments and rehabilitation to best help a patient.

You may also be wondering why I as a chiropractor do not do the rehabilitation myself, since chiropractic education teaches us therapeutic exercises and modalities. Do you feel that you are as equipped as the physical therapy profession? Be honest, chiropractors' bread and butter is joint manipulation. Physical therapist's bread and butter is rehabilitation.

Just keep it simple!

Also, if you are any good at being a chiropractor. You shouldn’t be able to schedule 40 minute therapy sessions when you have a schedule full of chiropractic appointments.

To truly become profitable you NEED to scale your practice and not have everything fall on your shoulders.

In the next blog we will dive deep into the coding and billing of physical therapy under a chiropractic business model.

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