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Anterior Assist Alpha


The Anterior Assist Alpha features a soft, durable urethane performance surface.  It provides a comfortable adjustment for all patients, no matter their size or stiffness.  The tool is extremely light, and very comfortable to use for the provider, keeping your hands safe and protected.


The Anterior Assist weighs only 4 ounces, the equivalent of two tennis balls. The tool is 3 inches wide, 2 inches in height (similar to the fist of a chiropractor), and 7.5 inches in length. It is incredibly ergonomic for the clinician and can utilized by both left and right handed adjusters.

The tool has a large groove for the spinal vertebrae to set in to allow for a comfortable adjustment. The Anterior Assist also features two magnets on the base so that the practitioner can place the tool in an easy-to-access location.

Chiropractors, physical therapists, and osteopaths all over the world are changing the way they help their patients with this new product. They love the Anterior Assist, and so will you!

The Anterior Assist Alpha comes with a polyurethane performance surface. This super flexible surface enhances the performance of the tool and makes the adjustment more comfortable for the patient.

3 reviews for Anterior Assist Alpha

  1. Matt

    Awesome product! Love it

  2. Jake

    Love my Anterior Assist, it has been a game changer in my clinic!

  3. Tom

    If you have large, stiff patients like I do. You will love this product, hand saver!

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