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Chiropractors & physical therapists all over the world are offering superior patient relief with the Anterior Assist, the newest, cutting-edge product in manual therapy 
Adjustment using Anterior Assist

Transform Your Technique with Anterior Assist

New Anterior Assist with Urethane Pads

Eases pressure on the shoulders and wrists when handling heavier patients

Handcrafted for a natural, ergonomic feel and easy-to-use design

Improves quality of patient care with a thumb recess for both left and right handed adjusters

Large bay for the spinal vertebrae to set in for comfortable manipulation and soft-tissue work

Supreme relief for the patients with utmost protection to the provider


Finally, the Anterior Assist has two powerful magnets on the base so that the practitioner can place the tool in an easy-to-access location and avoid clutter!

$199.99 circle

Life Time Warranty included!
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Using the Anterior Assist to It's Fullest Potential

There are many different ways to adjust a thoracic spine in the supine position.
Our videos on YouTube show the different approaches top chiropractors are using– you just have to find what works for you!

One of the best approaches is to adjust the patient against the wall while standing. This is also a great way to use the patient’s own body weight as a use for manipulation. The uses for this product are endless!

Other approaches include having the patient sitting at the foot of the bed and gently setting the patient down on the table with the fulcrum on the spine.

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What The People Are Saying:


Rated 4.9 stars from top chiropractors & physical therapists across America!
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"Anterior Assist is a great one to have in your office! It is very versatile and saving years of wear and tear on my most valuable tool, my hands. I highly recommend for anyone who does soft tissue work and anterior adjusting Anterior Assist!"
Katie S
Dr. Katie S.
"I've had several anterior thoracic tools over the last decade. I use them a few times and then they end up in the closet. When I got the anterior assist I liked it immediately because of the smooth contour and the natural feel from the wood. I definitely prefer wood to the clunky metal device with a similar function. Now, I use the Anterior Assist on ALL LARGER FRAMED patients that require an anterior thoracic adjustment. It's made a significant difference for patients that are sometimes difficult to adjust."
Brent Binder
Dr. Brent Binder
"As a practitioner I'm cognizant of the wear and tear adjusting can have on my body over time. The Anterior Assist protects my hand while adjusting and is comfortable for both me and my patient. My patients love it!
Cole W.
Dr. Cole W.
"I like to use Anterior Assist on patients who are more stiff and difficult to move. I have found when using Anterior Assist I can move the bone much easier and I also don’t stress my own body doing so. I’m very satisfied!"
Dr. Patrick P.
Dr. Patrick P.

And many, many more…